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Meet the Mob: Ian Guerin

In the first part of our Meet the Mob series, we get a little personal with one of the defensive captains for the 2016 Empire, Ian Guerin.

Player: Ian “Blarin’” Guerin

Age: 23

Number: 26

Location: East Harlem
In only his second season on the Empire, Ian was chosen as a defensive line captain for the team. That alone speaks to the intensity and dedication he brings to the team. If you dare question his size or his speed, you’re setting yourself up for embarrassment – both have become strengths in his game.


[Bold = Empire, Italics = Ian]
What is your experience playing ultimate?

4 years with NYU Purple Haze, 2 years of NYC Youngbloods club ultimate, along with last season on the Empire.
What was your favorite sport growing up?

I loved playing soccer, and loved watching volleyball.
You can choose one food for pre and postgame meals for the whole season, what do you choose?

I’m a big fan of roast chicken. I guess I would eat roast chicken.
When opponents come to New York, they should have some fun so… what’s your favorite tourist-heavy spot in the city?

There’s this really big building on 5th avenue between 33rd and 34th street – highly recommended.





Come see Ian and the rest of the Empire take the field for the first time in 2016 this Saturday, April 9th, at Randall’s Island at 4pm.